SEXY-SYNTHESIZER was founded in 2006 by Takeshi Nagai. Their sound is characterized by 1980’s arcade sound effects and familiar electronic sounds. Another key feature is the vocoder vocals which add another layer of fun! Simply categorizing the group with terms like “chiptune” and “8bit sound” are not enough to explain their distinctive rock/punk-based electro groove.


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Ultrasyd is a chiptune and demoscene artist. He likes to make music for the Amstrad CPC, C64, Amiga or Game Boy, but lately his favorite tool has clearly become the Atari STe. He composes oldschool and funky chiptunes, reggae-ish chipstep and electro-house, with a good balance of sweet melodies, punchy bassline and sharp beats.

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Hailing from the icy, Northern parts of Sweden, Rymdkraft has been making crazy-happy chiptunes, bitpop and blipblop since way back. His music is heavily influenced by classic video game music as well as the demoscene – expect blippy happiness in a very, very upbeat form.


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Hailing from the industrial wastelands of Sheffield, comes an artist wielding ancient Japanese technology – so finely and sharply tuned – the edginess will cut through the dance floor like a samurai warriors trusty katana.

HarleyLikesMusic – aka Harley Raine – has indeed taken the humble Lo-Fi nintendo DS and mixed it up into a Hi-Fi storm – creating and crunching the boundaries of chiptune, industrial and electronica into a unique and focused experience at music festivals across the globe.

His last full album release ’The Sixth Extinction’ is a genius work that truly shows a visionary talent within this young man’s abilities. Respectfully well recognised amongst the UK and world Chiptune scene, HarleyLikesMusic is deservedly coming to Square Sounds Tokyo in 2015 – You have a chance to catch his sound experience in a perfect environment: Do not miss this!


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cTrix is a musician, developer and promoter of modern music created with gaming consoles from the 80’s and 90’s. He is best known for his live energetic performances at chip shows and indie festivals world-wide. His music has seen him tour Mexico, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Australia, USA and the UK.

In 2011 he created a series of tracks for the Atari 2600 and jokingly strapped the console to himself calling it the “gAtari”. Video from the Japanese performance went semi-viral and gained over 500k views on YouTube.

He returns to Japan in 2015 in order to take on a new challenge : put the Super Famicom (aka. Super Nintendo) and Sega Genesis side by side for a battle of the 16bit golden era. But which side will win?