Jaelyn Nisperos, a.k.a. chibi-tech, is a former Bay Area Californian now working as a game music composer and sound designer in Japan. Stemming from her long-time experience with early home computers and video game consoles, she loves to push the technical limits of soundchips via insanely meticulous manipulation. Combined with her wide knowledge & appreciation of different musical genres and instrumentation, she enjoys creating raw yet detailed chiptunes with surprisingly realistic qualities… making basic waveforms simulate either acoustical instruments & percussion, famous electronic synthesizer patches, or even different ranges of vocals. All in the most convincing manner. chibi-tech is also a pure geek of many odd forms. Often it influences her music in the most hilarious of ways. Sometimes in the most shocking & absurd of ways, even! But ultimately she hopes that her music leaves a wonderful & unforgettable impression in every listener.

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Tappy first appeared on the Famicompo (mini)Vol.4.

He is well-known for his range, making incredible music in a number of genres such as house, techno, trance and even dabbling in dubstep. He is not only limited to one machine either, using the X68k, MSX, GIMIC sound module, and of course the NES.

Chiptune Live

From Lo-bit Playground, Tappy has also appeared at the 2014 Square Sounds Tokyo Pre-party, CHIPorDIE 2015 and Famicom Madnes.

He is also a member of the Kirakira Star Night famicon project as well as the WebTV “Diggin’ in the Carts” series. He is currently also working on a number of other projects.



Chip Tanaka


One of Nintendo’s most famous composers, Chip Tanaka is behind soundtracks including Dr Mario, Metroid, Kid Icarus and Smash Bros. brawl. He was also part of the team created the gameboy camera and printer. A featured part of the recent Red Bull Academy ‘Digging in the Carts; web series, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear a true master – and a huge supporter of the chiptune scene – at work.

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A game boy musician born in 1992.
he started making music from 2007.

His original musical inspiration was speedcore, where he has a release on the Czech hardcore label “Splitterblast.” After that he also released an EP for the Japanese breakcore label “Otherman Records.” He started attracting attention shortly after with his destructively powerful live performances.

After getting a gameboy and LSDJ from a friend, he completely reformulated his style and approach to music making, putting much more emphasis on modern beat music.

He also performs as Voltarenz with Gigandect (Fukuoka).

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Sharaku Kobayashi



Sharaku Kobayashi is a member of the techno-pop group FLOPPY where he is both vocalist and sound designer. His solo project that focuses more on 8-bit sound aesthetics.

His sound emphasises a “Made in Japan” ethos with Japanese melodies appearing throughout. With a larger than life stage presence, his live performances are not to be missed!


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