Lazerbeat makes low resolution visuals for electronic music. He hero worships NO CARRIER and m7kenji.




Suesett is a member of the Otherman Records collective. A premier dancemusic record label from Japan. He started making chiptune in 2009 with Nanoloop on the Gameboy. After that, he expanded his repertoire with the VRC6 chipset on the NES. Of late, he has been concentrating on perfecting his juke/footwork sound with a focus on spine-tingling triangle wave bass. He appears mostly at Otherman Records shows, but has also appeared at Famicon Madnes.


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Kenji’s dive into the world of graphic design started in 2003 with his development of websites for mobile phones. He learnt how to use a multitude of graphic design software such as Flash. As a side project to this, he started VJing where he appeared most predominantly at local chiptune events.

He has since developed a number of games for smart phones including RokujyouhitomaRingo, and Bugtronica.

Recently he made the music video for Toriena’s Pulse Fighter as well as a new pixel art application for twitter: PixelTweet. He also designed this website!


No Carrier (US)

No Carrier (US)

Don Miller is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He performs live visuals in real time under the alias NO CARRIER. Miller works with video synthesizers and nearly obsolete electronics to create psychedelic low-resolution video art.